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Design skills

Our experience

RPWD offer 19 years of experience in UX and UI design consultancy.

We use our extensive experience and detailed knowledge of User-Centred Design methodologies to build exciting, speedy and robust experiences for world-class leisure, sporting and financial brands in highly complex and regulated environments.

Our latest role was UX/UI design for the Department of Work and Pension. We worked within Agile teams to deliver public facing and internal products within gov.uk domain, successfully delivering 2 projects.


  • UX – Management, strategy, customer research, diary studies, interviews, business requirements gathering/interpretation, sketching, wireframing, prototyping (digital & paper), UX guidelines, usability testing, customer personas, optimisation (A/B, MVT testing)
  • Creative – Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Axure, Omnigraffle, Silverback
  • Front-end code – HTML5, CSS3, Sass, GIT, Responsive Design, JavaScript (using Jquery etc), plus XML and XSL(T) exposure
  • Optimisation & Analytics – Google Analytics, Clicktale, Omniture, Maxymiser

We also hold a Masters Degree in (MA) Multimedia, and an BA Honours Degree in Media Studies & Business Management from the University of Manchester.



We've always had a 'thing' for photography.
We especially love the way it can transform the seemingly mundane into the extraodinary, if we just keep our eyes open to the world around us.

Before digital photography became standard, we gained a grounding in composition, framing, viewpoint, line, tone, texture, pattern, focus, movement and darkroom negative development with a GNVQ in Black & White Photography.

Things we like

Things we like to do

  • Football – we've been an avid match-going fan since childhood.
  • Photography – we studied black and white darkroom development before using digital cameras.
  • Vinyl collecting – we've an extensive & eclectic collection spanning 4 decades.
  • Kickboxing - great to keep fit, practice self-discipline & positive thinking.
  • Travel - blog & photos from 1 year round the world trip.
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